While many things have changed while we have been in business over the last 35 years, somethings will never change, Scott and Lou still go out and hand select every  tree in September to pick the ones they want for the up coming season. We still wait as long as possible to cut the trees before bring them to our retail lots, and still get fresh trees delivered weekly to ensure we have a large selection of fresh trees available.

Most importantly we have remained that small family owned and operated business that Lou started in 1980. Scott currently owns and oversees all business operations. His brother Jeff Menefee currently runs the lot on 6th and Stevens. While Lou retired in 2012 he can be found almost daily at the lot on 72nd and McKinley. And other family members work together to run the lot on 75th and Bridgeport. Scott's sons Greg and Mike are very much involved in the day to day operations of the business as well. We will continue to be a family business, and while it is impossible to keep it 100 percent family,  our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff is there to make you feel welcome and help you find the perfect tree for you and your family.

In 1980 Lou Menefee along with his  son Scott Menefee began selling Christmas trees in the empty lot next to his house 
At this time Christmas trees were nothing more then Natural Nobles and Douglas Fir
Christmas trees that Lou would drive out to Shelton and cut down and put as many trees into is 1972 Datsun Pickup as he could. He then would drive back to his home on 72nd and Tacoma Avenue and set out to sell.
In 1982 Lou Started his second Lot on the corner of 72nd and Mckinley ​ 

By 1986 we had acquired leases on two separate lots on both sides of 72nd street, we ran retail lots on both lots for over 20 years. Today we operate on the north side of 72nd street and this lot serves as our main distribution yard, wholesale sales, and retail lot. 
Throughout the years we have operated as many as 7 lots at one time all throughout the Seattle and Tacoma area, we are currently operating 3 locations in the Tacoma/Lakewood area
In 2012 after 32 years owning and operating he business, Lou announced his retirement, and that he would be still be around but as of the 2013 season his son Scott would take ownership and management of the business 
The 2013 brought about several changes, the biggest of which was Scott now owned and operated the business, and he decided to  add  a 3rd lot after selling with just two lots for the last 10 seasons, this third lot was added to serve Central Tacoma on the corner of 12th and Union in Tacoma.
In 2020 we lost our lease on 12th and Union and will be beginning a new journey with a lot on 6th Ave and Stevens in Tacomaragraph here.

Menefee's Christmas Trees